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Scarifying is essentially power raking your lawn. It can be a light maintenance scarification, or a heavy renovation scarification. The purpose is to remove moss and thatch from a lawn, to open up the grass stems, to let light and air into the base of the grass, encourage fresh growth, and to improve the overall health of the lawn.

Scarification can be carried out at any time throughout the year, but consideration should be given to the weather conditions and the recovery time post-scarification. For example, scarifying in mid-summer during a long hot dry spell would not be advisable, and neither would scarifying in a wet, cold and soggy late autumn with hard frosts just around the corner. We prefer carrying out scarification in spring. Carrying out this lawn care task in spring means the temperatures are good, there are less concerns about recovery time, and the effort is rewarded with a better looking and healthier lawn by the time the summer arrives.

If you are in East Kilbride and looking for a business to scarify your lawn, please give us a call. We would be happy to visit your garden to advise you and then email you a no obligation quote.

You can view our YouTube video on Scarification to give you an idea about what is involved.

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